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“xelom is a highly technological company that brings a new idea of all-terrain electric mobility, powerful, eco-friendly, and suitable for all seasons, ensuring a revolutionary driving experience and a profound respect for the environment. xelom has a new vision of the world.”

Erich Gummerer CEO
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With xelom, the power to change is in your hands. We design fully electric vehicles capable of delivering maximum performance, versatility, and a unique user experience. Vehicles in harmony with the environment and the user, highly performing on all types of terrain or slopes. Highly competitive products characterized by extremely low maintenance requirements and operating costs. We have laid the foundation for a new concept of all-terrain operation: sustainable, quiet, powerful, and available in every season.

all terrain

Snow, dust, agriculture: with xelom, no environment is off-limits. Our vehicles can operate every day of the year, in any setting, and on any type of terrain or slope. Next-generation electric vehicles designed to support those who work with dust, such as quarries or construction sites, agricultural operations, and those moving in snowy and extreme conditions.


We understand the planet, its extraordinary diversity. Every landscape, every slope, every context is unique, which is why our vehicles and machines are designed to move with strength and precision in every environment. With xelom, you choose to connect with the environment around you, eliminate every noise to make room for the sounds of nature, and create a relationship with the context to shape it with respect.


Dietro a ogni prodotto xelom c’è l’umanità di chi sperimenta, progetta, realizza e crede nella forza dell’innovazione. Donne e uomini sempre pronti ad accogliere le sfide del mondo tecnologico, dell’energia a zero emissioni, della meccanica di alta precisione e del design. Grazie a loro xelom realizza veicoli e macchine appassionanti, capaci di anticipare i tempi e promuovere un futuro sostenibile. Insieme siamo una forza della natura.

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